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amoo161's Journal

7 September 1981
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  • amoo161@livejournal.com
Hello my name is Amy and this is my LJ. I don't really use this very often anymore, but for things I need to get off my chest that I don't want to share with my family on other social websites, this is where I will be posting them. :)

ab fab, ac/dc, aerosmith, aladdin, alan rickman, alice in wonderland, america's sweethearts, american mcgee's alice, annie, beauty and the beast, beer, books, broadway bound and gagged, candlebox, candles, catherine zeta-jones, cats the musical, chicago, christopher walken, clue, columbia college, comedy, concerts, corona, crash, cult movies, dean koontz, disney movies, disneyland, disturbed, dmx, dogma, dragons, drinking, eclipse, edward norton, edward scissorhands, family guy, fight club, fraggle rock, garden state, garth brooks, godsmack, halloween, hannibal, harry potter, hedwig, heroes, hinder, horror films, house of 1000 corpses, hugh jackman, icons, indiana jones, jack nicholson, james st. james, johnny depp, julia roberts, karioke, keith urban, kenny chesney, kevin smith films, kill bill, kingdom hearts, kurt russel, labrynth, lion king, little mermaid, little shop of horrors, lord of the rings, lost, love actually, magenta, mall rats, mallrats, monk, monty python, moulin rouge, mountain dew, music, musicals, new moon, old metallica, ozzy osbourne, party monster, patricia quinn, pictures, pirates of the carribbean, pretty woman, rascal flatts, reading, red dragon, red hot chili peppers, reno 911, rent, repo the genetic opera, richard o'brien, road trips, rob zombie, rocky horror picture show, saved!, saw, scooby doo, scott jeffers, seth green, shot glasses, silence of the lambs, sleeping, sleeping beauty, smurfs, snow globes, steel magnolias, stephenie meyer, stewie, stone temple pilots, taproot, tequila, the blue note, the dresden dolls, the host, the killers, the nightmare before christmas, the office, the union underground, the wizard of oz, through the looking glass, tim burton, tim curry, twilight, upo, wizards